Sawdust Briquettes

The ECO WOOD sawdust briquettes are an additive and binder-free 100% ecological product. They are made by the compression of the sawdust resulting from the untreated dried wood processing, on a less than 8% humidity degree. Therefore, the briquettes do not cause any pollutant emissions and burn with almost no soot, thus contributing to the environmental protection. The briquettes are a cost-effective, sustainable and renewable alternative leading to a heating-related costs cut-back.

Brennstoffe Briketts

ECO-Briketts Premium XXL 206F

ECO-Briketts Premium XXL 208FK

ECO-Briketts Premium XXL mit Zugloch 205B

ECO-Briketts PINI KAY 612F

ECO-Briketts RUF Fichte 10 kg 112B

ECO-Briketts RUF Buche 10 kg 112F

ECO-Briketts RUF Buche 10 kg in Schweißfolie 110F